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Your Personalized Supplement pack with 30 daily sachets is delivered monthly

Your Personalized Supplement pack with 30 daily sachets is delivered monthly.

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We checked thousands of products to find the right combinations and dosage. Then we decided to go the extra mile and source the most bioavailable form of each ingredient for best results.

Our formulations are non-GMO, gluten and preservatives free and 100% vegetarian.

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You can’t get more personalised and customised Vitamin supplements than @suppindia kits ⠀
There are pre-fixed kits focussed on Beauty, General Health, Bone Fitness, Diabetes Care, Immunity etc. And then, there are personalized kits, which are made/recommended only for you after your consultation with their Nutritionist.⠀
Packed in easy to carry & cool sachets, each sachet contains daily dose of different vitamins that one may require. I picked up the one for General Health !!⠀
100% Vegetarian, Gluten Free & Paraben Free, these are very much safe to consume daily.⠀
The good part is, their Nutritionist is always available for any queries related to Vitamin recommendations & other queries related to consumption of the product.

@suppindia is a Healthcare & Wellness Brand.
Their goal is to upgrade your lifestyle & Body and bring out the best in oneself by providing the best of nutrients & vitamins.
Supp is also India’s first Brand to provide Personalized Wellness Kits.
I decided to get one of their pre-packed kits dealing with general health. It contains multivitamins and vegan omega which is really good for one’s well being. Staying healthy has never been this easy!

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