Mother Nature probably won’t fit in one pill anytime soon,
but all the goodness you need can.


Scientific Approach

Clueless about what you require?
Our 5-minute survey will analyze your lifestyle and recommend products based on global studies.

One Sachet Everyday

A 30-day supply of carefully curated sachets with ingredients to meet your everyday essential nutrition requirements. Still confused?


Already know what you want?
We understand. Build Your Own Box helps you create your favourite combinations, quick and hassle-free.

The journey of a thousand miles

Starts with your first step.

Choose your favorite combination of  3 vitamins and build your own box. 

Receive your first kit for Rs. 999.

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Be a goal digger.

Everything good comes with a little planning, so why not your health goals? Track your daily progress with our inbuilt SuppTrackr, so you never miss a day.

We believe in simplifying things

from our product to measuring progress.

15 Days

30 Days

Early Response

Your first step allows you to feel more energetic, while the undesirable symptoms start to reduce.

45 Days

45 Days


Your progress moves towards visibly healthier signs as your body starts to recover from deficiencies.

90 Days

90 Days

Core Health

Your results seem powerful & your journey meaningful. Within 3 months you have reached your goals.



Maintain Results

Set new goals and create different personalized plans for optimum and complete nutrition.

Compliments hurt no one.

No Clutter, No Confusion

We are all about honesty. This means no information overload and a clear recommendation based on
Just What You Need. 

We promise to be transparent about our research, ingredient list and supply chain.  

SUPPort a good cause.

1 Box feeds
1 Child for
1 Month

A portion of proceeds from your purchase goes to our non-profit partners.

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