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12 Tips to
Smack Through Stress like a Boss


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Stress is merely a physical, mental or emotional response towards any change that requires adjustment. Since stress is an internal condition that demands a response from you, it leads to changes within you. 

In situations where people feel stressed, their bodies react by releasing stress hormones in the blood that can affect a great deal even in healthy adults. To manage stress like a pro, we have made a list of 14 simplest of ways you can remember and follow the next time you’re on an emotional rollercoaster.

1. Laugh

Laughing is known to decrease stress hormones and triggers the discharge of endorphins; the body’s natural feel-good chemicals in your body. Endorphins promote overall well-being and can also soothe pain briefly. Laughter is also known to increase your immune cells and infection fighting antibodies improving your immune system.


2. Reach out

Human mind is a beautiful thing. At times, we might not understand why we feel a certain way when we complain or vent out emotions. And as much as complaining carries a negative connotation, most of us feel relieved after venting out emotions to someone. It’s because during the process of speaking out loud, our mind works in surprising ways to help us process it and come through with it. It puts things in perspective, and releases tension.

3. Listen to music

The power of music has been renowned globally and music therapy is a real thing. It is used with progressive muscle relaxation to reduce stress and anxiety. It can tremendously slow down the pulse and heart rate, reduce blood pressure and lower stress hormones. One must use it in their life as a stress management tool for relaxing effect on mind and body.

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4. Reduce caffeine

Caffeine and stress affect our bodies in similar ways. They both work to increase blood pressure, heart rate, and level of stress hormones. Little intake of caffeine can increase concentration but having it more often can indirectly induce stress, and must be avoided in situations where you’re sure of your emotional turmoil. 


5. Meditate

A simple technique, if practiced for as few as 15 minutes everyday can result in effective results. Meditation will make you calm, lower your blood pressure, and even take care of your mental health. There are certain ways one can practice meditation on a daily basis. What can you do?  

-Breathe deeply 

-Repeat a Mantra 

-Engage in prayer

-Focus on your body 

-Practice gratitude 


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6. Focus on breathing

A very easy technique, practicing deep and calm breathing will make you feel like it does when you are already in sync with your body and mind. One can call it the natural fooling of the mind because during this process, we are consciously training our mind to feel our best self even in tough situations and feed the only state that’s necessary- being calm and focussed.

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