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12 Tips to
Smack Through Stress like a Boss


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Welcome back! Part-I spoke of ways to help you bring down your stress meter. The second part will continue listing the best and more useful ways that have been scientifically proven to reduce and channel stress. 

7. Talk to yourself

Try talking to yourself in third person and you will know how it can affect you. Actually, the human mind can find quick solutions in the form of advice, but can easily forget the pattern when they themselves are stressed. When you talk yourself out of the situation in third person, chances are you will be giving yourself best and sane advice.


8. Eat right

Eating wholegrain, fruits, and vegetables can increase serotonin levels in your body and act as a coping mechanism during times of stress. High fat or sugary food push people into overeating and find recluse during stressful situations. It’s because increased levels of cortisol can trigger a natural desire to eat. Make sure you eat a healthy diet, and sleep well because it can help you manage stress quite easily. 

9. Travel

As much as travel lets us reflect on our past, present, and future, it helps us take our minds off of stressful situations. It is a healthy escape that will get your cortisol levels down, promote happiness, calmness, and strong willpower. It also gives you many once-in-a-lifetime experiences to cherish, look back on, and reflect.

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10. Prioritise

Not everything requires your attention right now, or in the moments you feel stressed. Sometimes it’s good to set your immediate priorities and work or family situations that demand immediate attention. When you streamline the things you have to focus on, it is likely that you feel less stressed because of the reduced burden at hand. Don’t procrastinate the things that need to be done quickly or immediately to avoid stress later.


11. Sleep

Some people may think that sleeping is a quick and easy escape from stressful situations, and as much as it is right, one must know that sleep is imperative to provide ample time to the brain to relax. When you are tired, you are more agitated and less patient, and those will never help you get through stressful situations with ease.  

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12. Reduce Smoking

Nicotine briefly creates an immediate sense of relaxation, so does alcohol. People smoke and drink alcohol thinking that it will make them feel relaxed in stressful situations. But it does more harm than good. If done together, it can affect self control and stress-coping ability adversely.

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