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4 Ways How Supp is Building Your Healthiest Habits


5 min read

I was halfway through the first month of January still thinking about how I would commit to my health resolutions this New Year. There is enough motivation on social media about how it is important to take the life saving matters like health in your own hands. However, there is not much one can come across on the same social sites about how to make health a goal; especially in my 20s, when I am having a hard time balancing my career and personal life together. Where is time for health? 

It was during this time I got introduced to the most amazing vitamin kit that hands down, is the most trustworthy solution for putting health first on my 2020 resolution list. Here is a list of 5 reasons why I think so:

1. Supp survey is just what you need

Nutrition industry can be overwhelming for a beginner as one may not always know what’s best for them. The saturated market in turn may offer you options that are not effective and obviously not built according to what your body needs. The best part about my vitamin kit is that there is no one-type-fits-all supplement. In fact, Supp offers you a 5 minute survey that simplifies the process of finding out what works for your body. 

2. A safe and sincere approach

The one thing that always made me mistrust any supplements was the fact that they simply weren’t clear or honest with their research and methods. With Supp, I felt that they had a very sincere approach that kept me and many others like me on top of the game. I could trust what went into my body Supp made me a part of the process, and it felt (read: is) very safe.  

3. Quick, convenient, and portable

Every 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s something person has so many things on their priority list already. Do you go to office? Okay. Tired of seeing dull jars of pills? No problem. Are you traveling next month and don’t know how to make nutrition a priority? Yes. It becomes difficult amidst chaos to even consider health as something that requires taking care. When I started with my personalized health plan, I could see three changes in me. First, I was more conscious of what I was eating so it gave me the maximum benefits along with my vitamin plan. Second, I was already eliminating my dietary gaps to sustain a healthier lifestyle for myself. Third, the sachets were a quick, easy, and portable way to carry nutrition wherever I wanted, quite literally. 

4. Supp makes it fun & exciting

Taking care of health sounds boring, right? Wrong. Supp’s personalized Vitamin kits are so beautiful to look at, I could put them in my kitchen, bookshelf, or even at my office desk. I do not want to stack away my vitamin box in a cupboard like other boring pill bottles. When I see the small box kept right in front of me, I am actually excited to be consistent on my health journey for all the small and big joys. 

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