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6 Easy Hacks to Stay Fit
at your Desk Job


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If you are someone working certain hours of the day from a desk, there’s no chance you haven’t asked yourself this. Prolonged hours of sitting aren’t good for my health, what can I do amidst the work I handle at office through my desk, that I take health with equal consideration? 

I know, we have all been there at some point of time. Okay, maybe not all. But I have been there, and seriously so. Because I envied my friends who worked with standing desks in their offices. 

Excess of everything is bad, and as much as sitting for long hours is harmful, so is standing. Don’t worry, we all learn it the hard way. I have curated a list of six quick and easy hacks so that you reap maximum benefits out of your every single day at work, like I did. 

1. Necessary but not excessive

A desk job automatically means less physical activity through the day. On top of that, eating oversized or unhealthy meals just means delayed digestion, congestion in the chest, inflammation etc. So eat fulfilling meals, and most importantly healthy meals. Don’t forget to slice up some salad to go with your lunch. 

2. One hour to one minute ratio

Working at a desk job can be physically overpowering and with time, I observed that I had developed frequent backache, and shoulder & neck pain. To sit for such long hours obviously puts us into slouching positions often, so I made it a habit to stand 1 minute and walk another minute every hour I spent at the office. It really helps. 

3. Drink plenty of water

No, we are not judging you. But it has been proven in endless scientific studies that alcohol is known to reduce Vitamin D and Omega-3 levels in your body. It also knocks down Calcium in your body making you feel down and low through the season.

You can start by reducing your alcohol intake, because it is going to take you places, quite literally (refer point 5)

4. Schedule your meals

Eating on time is the first thing we want to throw out of the window in this century, right? But studies show that setting a schedule for your meals actually trains your body to digest on time, and also improves sleep and mood. So the next time you want to have your lunch 2 hours early, try to calm your hunger down with a fruit instead. 

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5. Learn to say NO

For snack time, learn to say no to the snacks that go around in the office. Rather, keep healthier snacks on your table so each time you are hungry before your scheduled time, you don’t end up binging on unhealthy food items. Wholegrain crackers, oatmeal packets, raw nuts, and dried fruits can make up for a very healthy assortment. My favorite was pumpkin seeds, easy to store with a great dose of protein.

6. Stand in the sun

Our growing indoor lifestyle in offices often keeps us away from bright sunny days. We stay under the AC for as long as we can remember. But keeping away from sunlight can actually reduce your Vitamin D levels, impairing your mood and immune system. So make it a habit to get into the balcony for at least 15 minutes every day, you will feel the difference in the longer run. 

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