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6 steps to stay productive during lockdown


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Life even as we knew it changed when a three week country-wide lockdown was announced in an attempt to flatten the COVID-19 curve. While people in essential industries such as healthcare and food production were exempted, for the majority of us we found ourselves in an unprecedented situation where we weren’t permitted to leave our homes unless to stock on essential supplies like food and medicine, or to find medical care.

While it’s true that unprecedented times come with unprecedented measures, as people we are quick to adapt, innovate and take advantage of any situation that we find ourselves in. While we are only a few days to the country-wide lockdown, it’s essential for people to keep a healthy body and mind.

We’ve assembled a list of some important tips that could help you get through the recent house-bound isolation.

1. Shared goals for the family

Maybe you and your folks all share the anxiety. You can work to set up small goals for the family. The goals don’t need to be taking a look at what you are going to do after the outbreak or what financial goals you will need to accomplish for your household business. Setup goals you are able to manage now. For instance, a shared goal for “getting through this challenging time together without losing any loved ones” and small goals such as  having the garden tidy, reorganizing the bookshelf, teaching your sibling a new skill, or creating a shared hobby.

2. Keep yourself active

Lockdown means you can’t swim in a public swimming pool or visit the gym but you can do push ups even if you live in a tiny apartment. There are many YouTube teaching clips for yoga, dance, tai chi and other activities. Create a regular exercise routine for yourself and choose 1 or 2 activities you like and which also suit your physical capabilities. Staying active not only ensures you keep your body moving, but exercise also helps to cut back stress, raise your energy and stop you being more alert. 

3. Try some relaxation techniques

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that both children and adults are going to be experiencing emotions that they do not understand how to manage as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19. It’s a tense situation that produces changes in sleep patterns, issues with concentration, and excessive worry.

In reality, for most, it is a reason behind panic and can trigger other problems unrelated to the virus, such as depression and alterations in blood pressure. For this reason, you need to be aware of your mental health and turn to relaxation methods for sane alternatives. 

You can try positive visualisation techniques, progressive muscle relaxation, yoga, and pilates to relax your body and mind. 

4. Stick to a routine

While the prospect of being able to work at home might be a dream come true for a lot of office commuters, the truth is spending your day in your PJs with unbrushed hair loses its appeal after some time. Being surrounded by the exact same four walls 24/7 can quickly result in cabin fever when you have no direction. It’s therefore vital that you adhere to a regular routine to keep your brain occupied, and needless to say to get important work done to shield your job or business. 

To ensure productivity, base your new lockdown schedule on an average pre-COVID-19 workday. As an example:

  • Set your alarm for the same time (or treat yourself to ultimately an additional 30 minute lie-in if your previous commute was lengthy)
  • Perform a yoga session or workout followed by a shower
  • Follow up with the recent news over breakfast 
  • Get dressed and start your work day in your dedicated workspace
  • Take coffee breaks every few hours as you would have at work, and needless to say your full lunch time away from your screen
  • Clock off as you normally would at the end of the work day
  • Spend the remaining portion of the evening relaxing as you normally would 
  • Stick to your bedtime
  • Get up and repeat

5. Give yourself a new project

Having a great project to focus on will not only help to keep you busy everyday, but it will even ensure your brain isn’t always thinking about the ongoing crisis.

Put aside some time for you to delve into a favourite hobby, such as for instance cooking or baking, or start a task you’ve always wanted to accomplish, like writing a story, drawing or painting, or maintaining your garden.

6. Stay connected

Self-isolation will get pretty lonely, particularly if you certainly are a sociable individual whose daily highlight was catching up with your colleagues around the water cooler. Thankfully, technology can facilitate almost the following best thing: online chats and video calls. Communication is key to learn what is going up with your colleagues, and also for your own personal mental health. As previously mentioned in the last point about keeping a routine, it’s important to schedule regular virtual meetings to ensure work gets done and to check directly with everyone under lockdown. You may also call your old friends, and initiate new conversations with your parents and siblings. 

You cannot control the virus or what’s happening outside. It may be hard for you really to control your thoughts and emotions when you hear the upsetting developments of the outbreak but you are able to control the way you respond. Get a bath, give your pet a cuddle, read some positive books, play with your children, tidy up your room. Just focus on today’s moments, here and now. You are able to control these little things and all little things take care of your mind and body. 

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