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7 films on health to quaran-stream while you are busy avoiding CoronaVirus


5 min read

The flights won’t take off, and the world has shut down. Aren’t you glad we are living in an age where we have access to the internet and streaming services? Therefore, we arranged a list of these 7 must-watch films for an insight into the world of health that may change the way you see food, medicine, disease, and nutrition. 

1. The C Word

This documentary about cancer contains two narratives: one from popular French neuroscientist & cancer revolutionary Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, the other from film’s director, Meghan L. O’Hara. After experiencing the journey from diagnosis to cure, Meghan and David reveal systematic failings in our society that expose us to the disease. There are no miracle cures here, but that’s the point — the way LaFrance O’Hara and Dr. Steven Servan-Schreiber connect the dots between nutrition, exercise, stress, toxins and cancer is direct and captivating.

Watch it here

2. Contagion

After her business trip to Hong Kong, Beth dies from a mysterious flu or some other type of infection. Her young son passes away later the same day. This initiates the spread of a deadly virus quite similar to Covid-19. The medical experts in the US Center for disease control spend days and weeks before realizing the seriousness of the situation. They must first identify the type of infection and find solutions to combat the tough situation as the virus claims more than a million lives worldwide.

Watch it here

3. Period. End of Sentence.

After some women from a remote village in India were stigmatized for their periods, American high school students raised money to send them a low-cost, biodegradable pad-making machine. The motivational 25-minute film won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short. The documentary portrays that no matter your age or the distance between nations, a simple effort can make a huge difference.

Watch it here

4. Heal

This health documentary emphasizes that Americans are chronically stressed; therefore, our immune systems are compromised and that we become sicker as a result. If we learn to know the connection before our minds and our bodies, then we could prevent, treat, and manage our health better, the documentary says. Experts with medical, psychological, spiritual, and homeopathic backgrounds outline what America is doing wrong, and offer ways we will make improvements.

Watch it here

5. The Game Changers

It is common to assume that vegetarians do not have enough food sources to build muscles. Voiced by former bodybuilder and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Game Changers explores and questions the meat industry which manipulates consumers into thinking that protein may not come with other great alternatives. The documentary then goes on to talk about how it has been possible by many professional fighters to perform solely on plant based diets and aims to understand how plant energy makes them so powerful.

Watch it here

6. Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives starts out to persuade viewers to embrace a plant based diet. The documentary is centered around practical research that introduces us to the risk of developing some chronic illnesses like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes due to the inclusion of animal products in our diets. The film approaches researchers as well as commoners who have achieved great success in switching to whole food plant based diet to eat clean and take control of their health. 

Watch it here. 

7. Virus

The Malayalam movie is based on the life-threatening Nipah virus outbreak in the state of Kerala. A man named Zakariya Mohammed is infected and brought to the Government Medical College, Kozhikode where he suffers from the symptoms of an unknown virus and after a few hours dies. He infects 18 other people out of which 16, including him, die. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization also fails to identify or publish guidelines on tackling the situation. However, a group of courageous individuals risk their lives in an attempt to curb the epidemic. 

After enacting isolation and treatment protocols, a team led by the Minister of Health tracks the spread of Nipah virus using medical records, Closed-circuit television, and in-person interviews.

Watch it here. 

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