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How do you strategize your home quarantine?


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We all have been feeling a mix of confusion, powerlessness, helplessness, and an overall anxiety about the state of the world right now. And as many of us are practicing social distancing and have the privilege of being able to work/stay at home, we are all trying to figure out how to make the best of this temporary new way of life. Given the challenges of our new world, here are some questions you can ask yourself when starting to think about creating schedules into your daily lives.

1. What is your attitude towards schedules?

Before you choose that stunning planner and begin color-coordinating your schedule, it is vital to see your relationship with schedules. Have you ever been the type of individual who makes a minute-to-minute schedule and sticks to it? Or do you prefer to actually have a general notion of what you would like to have completed per day with flexibility? Or would you make an in depth minute-to-minute schedule and ne’er make something on your disturbance list?

Understand that your investment in a schedule is your start in deciding the way to maintain healthy habits. There is no one technique to try and do this, but this is the time to get real with yourself about your actual style of working, how effectively you complete tasks, or if you procrastinate after a couple of hours. Schedule your day in a way that it also responds to your lifestyle once it gets regular.

2. Are you able to prepare a structure for yourself?

If you’re able to produce structure for yourself, get out that new sparkly planner and get to work! However if you’re somebody who desires structure to return from one thing or some other person 1st, register with yourself: is that this one thing you would like to continue, or one thing you would like to change? If you’d wish to continue this strategy, then brainstorm some ways to be responsible throughout quarantine. Associate yourself with an answerable partner: get a coworker or friend with you in regular intervals to stay on course (i.e., establish regular conferences or check-ins). Set reminders or alarms at the start of the day for once you ought to switch or accomplish tasks. Many of these methods can really facilitate to create intrinsic motivation. Once you’ve completed, you’ll keep on with your schedule and goals. Although you’re utilizing others or outside measures to form motivation, you’re additionally making motivation for yourself.

3. What are your motivations?

It will be easier to stick to your goals after figuring out your source of motivation for accomplishing tasks. For instance, if you’re exercising because you are scared you will gain weight, or feeling social pressures to stay moving, once your day gets over, it is going to be tougher to stay true to your goals. In addition, if you’re inundated by anxiety and adding another issue to your to-do list feels not possible, do not have a go at it. Take your time to recoup, watch out for yourself, calm down, and come back later. It’ll be very easy to stay to your schedule and goals even once things get robust.

Many of these strategies will extremely facilitate intrinsic motivation, once you’ve completed you may continue together with your schedule and goals.

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