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What women should ask doctors in their 20s, 30s, 40s & 50s


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Welcome back to the part 2 of this blog. If you haven’t already caught up with part 1, you can check it here. This blog, in continuation, will go on to talk about what things women must be aware of when they are in their 40s and 50s. It is as easy as making a grocery list, to understand exactly where you are on timeline and what you should expect from your bracket. 



When you enter your 40s, it is quite natural to experience hair fall because your body starts to produce low levels of estrogen and progesterone. These hormones control your menstrual cycle and reproductive health. 

Meanwhile as you age, the lowering immunity also affects everything including your hair and skin. In your next medical check-up, ask your doctor about the ways you can reduce hair fall, and take care of your hair health.

Heart health

While ageing, it is almost impossible to control the changes that follow. But there is no wrong age to start taking care of yourself. Pay attention to your heart health in your 40s and 50s. You can consult a dietician to understand your dietary requirements during this time, and also give you some tips regarding the right supplement to pair with it.

Breast examination

There is no specific age when a woman at a more or less risk of breast cancer. The best way to avoid it is to take precautionary measures. You can ask your doctor about ways you can carry out a personal breast examination at home regularly. Not only will it ensure your complete safety, you can eliminate the unfortunate with prompt attention on time. 


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Iron check

Usually before you experience your menopause in your 50s, your 40s will call for heavy flow. It can cause some women to lose a lot of iron from their body so much so, it increases their chances of becoming anemic. Since you cannot avoid your regular cycle, it is imperative to ask your doctor for iron supplements in this age. It will compensate for your iron deficiency and boost hemoglobin, while also strengthening your immune system. 



Menopause may mean a couple of things for you because every woman is bound to experience different changes. The most common of them all are weight gain, weak bones, and mood imbalance. You can ask your doctor about how to deal with the issues associated with menopause, various exercises that will make the whole process easier for you. Also, don’t forget to chart out a diet plan that is going to go a long way with you.

Blood pressure

Well, this is the time you need to take extra care of your heart. Not that it is too difficult. Your doctor can tell you a lot about the kind of food you need to avoid to keep your heart running well. You can also consult a dietician who can help you form a bigger picture of your overall lifestyle and not just the diet.

Overall checkup

Ladies, make sure of this, take note of this. Go for at least ONE overall health checkup in a year. Pay attention to blood pressure, go for a vision check, stay updated about your bone health. This is also the time when you will start to experience energy dip and lowered immunity. Chart out a plan with your doctor to understand your health and nutritional needs better because that’s what we are all living for, right?

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It can be really easy to avoid proper information on all this, but it will be really tough to go on with no awareness about your own body. The whole point is to stop seeing doctors and nutritionists as people who will help you only when you fall sick. In fact it is high time we give enough importance to preventive healthcare. Let’s believe Benjamin Franklin when he says that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 

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