Biotin is a nutrient of the Vitamin B family commonly known as Vitamin H. It is responsible for transporting Keratin to hair, nails and outer layer of the skin. Therefore, it is associated with better skin and improved growth of your hair and nails.
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Why take Biotin?


Biotin is associated with improving hair growth in men and women. It transports Keratin, a structural protein to your hair for bringing strength and shine.


Biotin has a role to play in improving texture, lustre, and elasticity of your skin. It is also responsible for regulating keratin present in the outer layer of your skin.


Biotin promotes healthy cell growth and assimilates protein building amino acids. Biotin supplementation may show less fingernail splitting and an increase in the thickness of the nail plate.


Biotin helps your body convert food into energy by breaking down carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. It aids metabolic function thus accelerating weight loss.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is biotin and how does it help?

    Biotin is a B Vitamin (B7), also known as Vitamin H. It is primarily useful for metabolic processes like conversion of carbohydrates, fats, and protein into energy for complete utilisation by the body. 

  • What happens if I have biotin deficiency?

    Warning signs of biotin deficiency include hair loss, and skin rashes especially around the nose or mouth. 

  • Is 10,000 mcg biotin too much?

    Biotin is considered very safe. Whatever amount of biotin is not required is eventually flushed out from the body. 

  • What is the best time to take my biotin capsule?

    Since biotin is a water soluble member of the Vitamin B family, it is better to consume it with the first meal of the day. It is known to increase metabolism and heighten your energy which may interfere with your sleep if taken at night. 

  • Can biotin help with hair regrowth?

    If you are experiencing hair thinning and hair loss, biotin may assist you with that. Apart from that, it may also help you with overall hair health, making them stronger and shinier. 

  • Am I getting enough biotin?

    Certain people are more likely than others to experience biotin deficiency. Those include- 

    1. People with a rare disorder called Biotinidase Deficiency.
    2. People with alcohol dependence.
    3. Pregnant or nursing women.  
  • Is it safe for pregnant women to take a biotin supplement?

    If you are pregnant or nursing, consult your healthcare professional before taking any supplement. 

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