Daily Ritual


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Daily Ritual

A complete 30-day Vitamin and Mineral immunity boosting kit to safeguard yourself in the flu season.

30 Sachets

Each sachet is loaded with:

1 x Vitamin C
is the most powerful immunity booster and antioxidant for your body.

1 x Vitamin D
reduces the risk of respiratory infections, including cold and flu

1 x Calcium
Strengthens bones and improves dental care.


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Recharge. Reload. Renew.


Supp’s Daily Ritual is a combination containing Vitamin C, D, and Calcium that understands your dietary needs and provides your body the overall care it deserves.


Better Immunity

Turns on the responsive genes and supports your immune system through receptors in your body.

Healthier Teeth

Re-mineralize enamel and make the jaw bones stronger which is essential for healthy gums and teeth.

Healthy Heart

Vitamin D converts Iron into an easier form for making RBCs, reducing fatigue and transporting oxygen.

Clearer Skin

Vitamin C neutralises free radicals and prevents breakouts by keeping skin pores free of dead skin cells.

Stronger Bones

Replenishes Calcium that is removed from the bones to avoid weakening during bone ‘re-modeling’ process.

Collagen Boost

Vitamin C ensures Collagen synthesis. It is the most abundant protein which provides structure to your skin.

A simplified health plan for your overall wellness.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for growth development and tissue repair. It helps in many body functions, including formation of collagen, absorption of iron, strengthening immune system, wound healing and the maintenance of cartilage.


Calcium is one of the most important minerals in the human body. It helps in the formation and maintenance of healthy teeth and bones. Proper levels of Calcium in the body can also prevent osteoporosis and blood clots.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the many nutrients our body needs to stay healthy. It helps in absorbing Calcium, which then builds bones and keeps them strong and healthy. Severely low levels of Vitamin D can result in soft, brittle bones, muscle pain and weakness.

Vegetarian Gluten Free Non GMO

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Prepare before you win

No idea comes alive without a little planning. Your 30-day pack comes with the SuppTrackr, so you can chase your health goals and track your daily progress.

Supp Suggests

1 Sachet (3 pills) everyday with water or milk.
Supplements work best when taken after breakfast or lunch.

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