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MINT STRIPS with Vitamin D

A minty experience with the abundance of D3, a pack of VitaMints comes with three handy dispensers, packed with love for your everyday wellbeing.

Each Pack Contains 30 Strips
(3 Dispensers x 10 Strips) 

Rs. 149 

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Get 3 Vitamints Pack (90 Strips)

₹447  ₹298

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Rs. 149

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VitaMints will be for you
what you want it to be.

Designed to support nutrition,  flavour, convenience and experiential needs.  

Little. Minty. Many. VitaMints.

Carry it in your pocket or wallet. Even better, place it on your tongue and it dissolves like air before you even step out of your home. It is a simplified solution made with a complex formula so you have round-the-clock care.

Melts Instantly

Oral Hygiene

Long Lasting Freshness

Rich with Vitamin D

Say Hello to Sunshine

Stable & Secure

Stabilised Vitamin D3 aka Cholecalciferol which is biologically identical to your body’s own D3.

Stronger Bones & Teeth

Supports bones and teeth. Without Vitamin D, our bodies cannot effectively absorb Calcium.

Immunity Boost

Crucial to activating your immune system that defends you against illnesses and killer cells in the body.

Vegetarian Gluten Free Non GMO

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